Art Delight
Chung Hyun
October 10-October 31, 2019
Art Delight
Hoenamu-ro 7, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Installation View
Chung Hyun, <SET PIECE>, 2019, Art Delight, Seoul.

Installation View
Chung Hyun, <SET PIECE>, 2019, Art Delight, Seoul.

Installation View
Chung Hyun, <SET PIECE>, 2019, Art Delight, Seoul.

Works Exhibited

Chung Hyun, Set Piece, 2018
Stainless steel, Color MDF, 2000x1000x750mm
Artwork ⓒ Chung Hyun, Seoul. Photo: Kim Kyungtae


Hyun Chung Solo Exhibition SET PIECE

Art Delight Gallery hosts SET PIECE, a solo exhibition of architect and writer Hyun Chung. The exhibition, which will be held on October 10th~31th in Art Delight Gallery in Itaewon will showcase the high-resolution images, objects, and furniture concerning the four books about Seoul planned by the artist.

The exhibition reflects the current exhibition style of Seoul, which has the characteristics of individual's production/consumption/discourse/archive derived from the internet culture, independent publishing and “new space(신생공간)” in Seoul. And the form of the exhibition is expanded/collapsed/repeated through the first-person view of the artist, who is also one of the insiders of this local culture. The artworks and collaborative products starting from the concept in his publication are reproduced the three-dimensional reality with super high resolution, without deteriorated or flattened even if their medium is changed.

The title SET PIECE has several meanings. It may refer to a grouping method of furniture and objects, a realistic piece of stage scenery standing by itself, or a composition (as in literature, visual art, or music) executed in a fixed/ideal form. In the Japanese animation industry, the term set piece is regarded as "the part of the artificial background” on a replaceable optical layer sheet.

Accordingly, SET PIECE's exhibition space attempts creating a situation where individual objects with a purpose and intention cross-appear as the background and the protagonists in the story that is constantly rearranged. As the four books about Seoul are expanded into furniture for books and also space for furniture, the exhibition space can also be interpreted as a new movement reacting to the cultural movements of the past decade in Seoul: independent publications, personalized images, objects, goods, and the exhibition style that emerges all. It is saying that this kind of landscape itself, which is constructed by a series of continuous processes and discontinuous results, is being the starting point of time that we faced.

Hyun Chung majored in Woodworking and Furniture design at Hongik University and received his master's degree in architecture from Cornell University. After working at various architectural offices in Tokyo, New York, and San Francisco, he returned to Seoul and established SUPERELLIPSE. SUPERELLIPSE is Hyun's personal project that spans architecture and publishing, through collaborating with artists, photographers, musicians, game producers, and graphic / product designers. Hyun Chung participated in 「Graphic Design from 2005 to 2015」 at the Ilmin Museum of Art, and in 「Rethinking Space: Voyage of Imagination」 at the MMCA. In 2017, he was selected as a finalist for the Young Architects Program. Hyun Chung published books PBT (2014) and CC (2017) on digital culture in architecture and the city. Currently, Hyun is teaching at the Department of Architecture at the University of Seoul as an adjunct professor.

Online exhibition poster/video design: Sulki & Min

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